How to maximize your small backyard

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Looking for ways to maximize your small backyard? Designing a small landscape can be tricky, but don’t worry. We have got some great tips to get you started. In a small yard, even the smallest detail is highly visible. By applying some creativity in your backyard renovations, you can not only create visual appeal but… Read more »

Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances and Lighting Save You Money

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With the recent volatility in energy prices and the growing concern that greenhouse gases are contributing to climate change, consumers are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption in their home. Today, technological advancements, such as higher energy ratings for appliances and lighting in the kitchen have improved efficiency. With the kitchen full of appliances… Read more »

Why You Should Use Tile in Your Kitchen

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The Floor: The flooring in your kitchen is one of the most important considerations that you can make for this high traffic area. Having the correct flooring can make a huge difference in this often-used space since its noticeable characteristics are often about functionality and less about aesthetics. Ceramic or porcelain tile has long been… Read more »

Bathroom Safety Renovations for Seniors

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As we transition through life to our senior years, safety in the home becomes a priority for many older adults. This is especially true of the bathroom because it is considered the most dangerous room in the house. There are slippery surfaces that one might fall on and sharp corners where a person can hit… Read more »