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When you’re thinking about a remodeling project in the kitchen that can have a stylish and dramatic effect, adding a backsplash will certainly do the trick. Whether you want to install a new kitchen tile or just want to update your current one, backsplash can add visual appeal, variety and colour to your kitchen. Tiles are a useful and simple addition, yet they can transform the appearance of your kitchen to an eye-catching statement. Best of all, there is relatively little fuss because installing a backsplash is a project that can be tackled without disturbing other elements in the room.



Traditionally, a kitchen backsplash is installed behind a sink or cooktop, but today’s kitchen tiles are being utilized for aesthetic charm throughout the kitchen implying both utility and pizzazz. Besides their beauty, backsplash provides a good deal of protection against unsightly cooking stains and water marks on the wall. Most backsplash tiles simply wipe clean after preparing a big meal. If you’ve ever splattered pasta sauce on the walls while cooking, you’ll appreciate how effortlessly tile wipes off to a clean finish.

Tile offers an attractive versatility of distinctive looks because of its customized ability. Tile backsplash is available in an endless array of styles, colours, shapes, textures, sizes and a variety of finishes to suit any budget. Since many contemporary homes today have cabinet designs that feature simple, clean lines with monochrome colours, the kitchen tile backsplash is a great way to experiment with bold designs, creative patterns and distinguishing colours.

There are several common types of tile that are extremely popular because of their attractiveness, durability and trendy appeal. The most fashionable tiles that are seen time and again in many homes include, ceramic tile, glazed porcelain tile, glass mosaic and natural stone tile, but other popular backsplash include granite, mirror, stainless steel, limestone, plate glass, beaded board, and more. Most wall tiles require little maintenance; however tiles like porous stone or clay must be sealed periodically so they won’t stain or absorb water.

There are no set rules to follow for tile backsplash other than considering the feel and look you are trying to achieve. The first step in choosing your backsplash is to take into account the colour of your cabinets since this where most of the contrast will be noticed. Next, think about the colour of your wall as a secondary consideration since the wall provides an overall reflection of the mood and tone. If you performing a total kitchen makeover, you’ll want to coordinate your kitchen counters with the backsplash for a uniform and synchronized appearance.

Subway Tiles:

This type of tile is immensely popular and a classic choice that’s found in many residential kitchens. Its simple design is uncomplicated and it features rectangular ceramic tiles usually in light tones with light coloured grout, but any colour will work to suit any kitchen design. Additionally, the simple rectangular shape can be configured and arranged into any pattern.

Mosaic Tiles:

This variety is another classic look in kitchen backsplash design because it adds visual prominence in your kitchen’s appearance. Mosaic tiles are often made of glass or stone. They adhere to a mesh backing for easy installation and grouting is a breeze. They are very popular for DIY-ers and they can be designed in any diverse pattern.

Penny Tiles:

This style is currently another popular choice for those who want to have a vintage look in the kitchen. The tiles often feature small, light-coloured tiles that are bordered by dark grout. The finished look represents a design that is reminiscent of another era in time, adding a touch of historical elegance to any kitchen.

Tumbled Tiles:

This type of tile is truly a natural stone and can be used alone or mixed with mosaic glass for a more decorative look. Some of the popular varieties include limestone, marble, travertine, saturnia and granite. Marble & travertine are the most popular because the tumbling process brings out the true natural beauty of the stone.

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