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One of the most common problems that many homeowners face is that additional space is always in demand. Regardless whether your house is big or small, this dilemma becomes an issue that crepes up over time. The overabundance of “stuff” that we own can result in a garage stuffed to the rafters or rooms in the house overflowing with clutter.

Maybe that workshop that you’ve always dreamed about is currently crammed into a corner of the basement with no hope of becoming a reality. Perhaps your garden tools and equipment get jammed in the garage with no alternative place to store them. If this sounds familiar, consider broadening your horizons by looking outside your home for a functional and creative solution.

The benefits of an outside shed are numerous. It can be for anyone who needs to clear out space within the home and have a centralized location for household storage. It can also be the ideal place for housing a variety of different items, like equipment and tools or it can become a space for a specialized interest, like a workshop. Depending on its design, size, structure and insulation, it can even be a mini-garage for auto repairs or store a vintage car. The trick when choosing the right outdoor shed is figuring out what its purpose will be and how you are going to use it on a routine basis.

Although the appraisal value of your home may not entirely reflect the value of your shed, having a well-built backyard shed will certainly increase the value of your property.  A bigger and better quality built shed will be both visually appealing, fetch more interest and garner a higher price from a prospective buyer.

Outdoor / backyard shed


The shed can be made from wood, resin or metal. A wooden shed is among the best option for its overall look, aesthetic appearance and it can be completely customized to create a very specific size or shape.  It can be painted to match your house and customized inside with multiple shelves and cabinets. A metal shed can be made of either steel or galvanized aluminum. Metal is a common first-time shed purchase since it is the least expensive, but metal is not as strong as resin or wooden sheds. Resin sheds are made of a high quality plastic material that makes the sheds lighter, yet stronger and more durable than wooden sheds.

Types of Outdoor Sheds

Storage Shed:

This type of shed is your all-inclusive structure. Homeowners tend to use this type of shed for household items that are no longer used in the house. This might include chairs, tables, toys, etc. It is essentially a multi-purpose catchall for items that need storage because they are not ready to go to the dump just yet.

Garden Sheds:

People who love to garden will relish having a shed to store the multitude of garden items associated with this favorite pastime. It can be strictly functional, but it can also be a decorative focal point that blends with the landscape surrounding the gardens for added charm. Whether it’s used to store garden tools, lawnmowers, buckets, pots and planters, or a place to start seedlings or pot plants, a garden shed is a great addition to the backyard for the avid gardener.


For those who do not have the space in their homes for a workshop, a shed can be a practical and economical solution.Workshop sheds are an ideal location for those who want a place to call their own for home improvement and woodworking projects or designing crafts. Usually, the workshop area offers enough room for a workbench, counter, work table along with a place to store tools and supplies for home repairs and hobbies. Some workshop sheds can be built with an overhead garage door that makes it easy to move tools and equipment in and out of the workshop. The backyard workshop is the ultimate dream for every handyman.

Over the years, the lowly shed has grown up. Today, many come with windows, shingled roofs, and window boxes and they have a multi-purpose beyond just storage. They can blend in with your surroundings and they are an attractive addition to any backyard.


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