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Looking for ways to maximize your small backyard? Designing a small landscape can be tricky, but don’t worry. We have got some great tips to get you started.

In a small yard, even the smallest detail is highly visible. By applying some creativity in your backyard renovations, you can not only create visual appeal but also make the yard appear larger.

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Tip 1: Incorporate multiple focal points into your design

The biggest problem that you will encounter when you design a small space is that there is not enough space to create a stunning focal point. This will reduce the visual appeal of your backyard. In this case, the most viable solution is to install several small focal points throughout the yard. They can become quite a delight when a visitor discovers them unexpectedly. Shop for weatherproof objects of art that you can place outside. Look for unique items, antiques or original works of art.

Don’t put all of these objects front and center. Of course, one or two items should be placed in the garden and they can act as the basis for planting design. Others should be sequestered among the plants.

Tip 2: Design in inches

If the yard is small every ill-conceived detail will draw unnecessary attention. What this means is that you should design each element carefully. You can’t just throw things around. Make use of every inch of ground and enhance its visual appeal.

In standard design, square feet are the unit of measure. When you design a small garden, you should think in terms of square inches. You won’t be able to fit all those amenities in a small space if you don’t have a precise layout.

Tip 3: Splurge on high quality materials

Nowadays plenty of varied and luscious construction materials are available. This provides ample opportunities for experimenting. You can now export exotic stones from different parts of the world and use them in your design. Also thanks to improvements in manufacturing technology, a huge range of attractive ceramics is readily available for outdoor living spaces. While you can also use them in larger spaces, the cost can be prohibitive. The beauty of a small landscape is that it allows you to afford lavish materials because you only need a small amount of them to create the desired looks. When you design a standard landscape, you usually start with concrete and then work your way up. When you have a small space, you should start with the high end items.

You should also consider matching your paving materials to your interior floor materials. So, for example, if you have travertine marble inside your home, you should consider using porcelain tile which mimics its texture and color outside.

When you design a small space, it is imperative that you pay attention to the details. You have to design every inch. Don’t hesitate to splurge on exquisite materials. Make sure that you do not create a cluttered look. Less is more when you design a small space. So choose items carefully and install them in the right places where they will delight the visitor when they discover them accidentally.

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