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Ridgeline Renovations has experience working on a wide range of projects including home additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom makeovers, basement renovations and more. If you have an idea you've been thinking about, feel free to contact us about it.
 Home Additions
Do you live in a beautiful neighbourhood with great schools, great neighbours, and more? Why move? If your home is too small, or needs a freshening up, Ridgeline will add that addition and/or renovate to meet the needs of your family, easily and seamlessly from start to finish. We create lifestyles that work. Read more.
 Kitchen Remodeling
Your kitchen is the central place for your family. It is a place where much time is spent and a wide range of activities and meetings occur. Let Ridgeline help you design a kitchen space that provides the best accommodation for your family, and build your kitchen into a space you will all love for many years to come. Read more.
 Bathroom Makeovers
Bring the spa home! Create your ultimate bathroom that provides the perfect marriage of luxury and functionally. We use only the best technology including water proof membranes from Germany to provide a lasting insurance on your investment. From cabinetry, to stress relieving tubs, to barrier-free showers, we can provide you with custom renovation ideas and deliver a beautiful, finished result. Read more.
 Basement Renovations
Dark, cold basement? Let Ridgeline renovate your basement into a warm, bright, and enjoyable space that mirrors the rest of your home, designed and built to meet your lifestyle needs. Read more.
 “Built to Last” Guarantee
Ridgeline Renovations is committed to your satisfaction with our quality work and fine workmanship. Our work is “Built to Last” and is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of our contract agreement.
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I hired Rob and his crew to do a substantial renovation and expansion to my Funeral Home. Right from the first meeting with Rob, discussing my vision of the project, I knew he was the right fit. He provided me with a quote, and hit the target spot on, even after having some surprises arising from dealing with a building from 1872. My biggest concern was that the addition would blend in flawlessly with the existing building, and when they started to remove the original brick they discovered it wasn’t going to be reclaimable. Not sure who slept less over this issue, myself or Rob, but he contacted a restorative artist he knew, and before long, the addition blended in seamlessly with the old brick! With our business being sporadic, Rob was always willing to stop if we had a visitation or Service, and returned promptly when things were clear. His sub-contractors were all as skilled and accommodating as he was, and if he scheduled a contractor that couldn’t show up, he’d find another who was as skilled and available to come when asked. Rob also was always willing to change or adjust what design we had previously set-up, even when I threw him some curve balls as far as the overall design. I found it amazing that some of the additions I asked for he made happen, even if we were beyond that point, he’d go back and change it to what I wanted. If you are looking for a truly competent crew for your renovation/addition/new build, I’d have no problem putting my reputation out there to suggest that you’d be hard pressed to find a better company than Ridgeline! Bob Turner President – Turner Family Funeral Home

Bob Turner President at Turner Family Funeral Home, Dundas, ON

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